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  • Transaction Register
  • Automatically Updated Account Balances
  • Guided Monthly Finance Review

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Know your finances inside and out with this robust Notion template! After you set up accounts to track your balances and create a budget, you’re ready to go. Enter and categorize all of your transactions and watch as your account balances automatically update with each transaction. Compare your actuals vs. your budget with the end-of-month review and create a plan to achieve your financial goals!

The Finance Planner

Notion template

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Monthly Budget

Budget Comparison (Budget vs. Actuals)

Paycheck Divisions

Recurring Bills 

Pages included

easy to navigate


optimized for use on Notion's mobilie app

compatible with Notion formulas 2.0

Transaction Categorization

Account Reconciliation

Monthly Transaction Register

Finance Tasks

Financial Goal Planning

Account Balances (Automatically Updated)

Guided Monthly Finance Reviews

Subscription Tracker

Travel Budget

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Since this is an instant digital download, this item is NON-REFUNDABLE and all sales are final. For more, please see our Terms of Product Purchase and Use.

Are your templates able to connect with each other?

Yes they are! You can purchase all of the templates a la carte and choose the ones you need. There are instructions included on how to connect them together. If you want all of the connections done for you, you can grab The Life Planner which is already all set up!

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I'm so glad you're here! Stick around, and let's chase those BIG dreams together!
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Hey there!
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