I'm so glad you're here! Stick around, and let's chase those BIG dreams together!
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Our Premium Notion Templates are designed to help you simplify your life and get organized. These templates don't just hold information, they're built around systems that WORK.

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"This is such a wonderful planner that actually has functionality. A lot of people don't use Notion to it's full capacity, so I'm so pleased to find something like this. I LOVE the daily/weekly spread and it was totally easy to customize to my needs. I have literally tried out maybe 30-40 different planner templates plus tried to make my own, and when I say this is the one, this IS the one!!"

When I say this is the one, this IS the one!

Product: The Productivity Planner


"I LOVE this template! There is a learning curve (like everything with Notion) but the included videos explained everything perfectly and were so helpful. Plus, this is a great price for how much you get."

A great price for how much you get

Product: The Productivity Planner


“I absolutely love everything about the meal planning!! The weekly meal plans, the way they are displayed, the pantry items and grocery list work sooo seamlessly that I’ve finally done meal planning (and prep!) consistently for the last 3 weeks since I’ve bought the template. As a mom of a 4-year-old, I’ve been struggling in the kitchen department since my daughter was born. Now after your template it feels like a fun breeze!”

Planning feels like a fun breeze!

Product: The Meal Planner

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How do I access my purchase?

Do these products work outside of notion?

Do you offer a refund if I'm not happy?

Since this is an instant digital download, this item is NON-REFUNDABLE and all sales are final. For more, please see our Terms of Product Purchase and Use.

Are your templates able to connect with each other?

Yes they are! You can purchase all of the templates a la carte and choose the ones you need. There are instructions included on how to connect them together. If you want all of the connections done for you, you can grab The Life Planner which is already all set up!

I'm on a mission to help others lean into their God-given calling by creating systems that just make life easier.

If you're ready to spend less time on getting organized and more time doing what you love, you're in the right place. 

I'm a systems strategist who loves chasing BIG dreams.

oh, hey friend!

I'm so glad you're here! Stick around, and let's chase those BIG dreams together!
xo Kat

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